Witnessed: Borderlands Podcast

Witnessed:Borderlands, a narrative podcast, with Campside Media and Sony Entertainment

The tall-but-true tale of a charismatic outlaw, an iconic small-town sheriff, and the record-setting drug bust that ensnared them both. Listen…

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Sierra Blanca Migrant Shooting Observer

Anti-Immigrant rhetoric fueled Sierra Blanca migrant shooting, advocates say
Two brothers arrested in connection with the shooting of migrants face scrutiny in a small Texas town.

Sandro Canovas profile for Punch magazine

A One-Man Army in the Battle for Sotol
A Marfa man is waging war against the Texas distillers claiming the right to make sotol outside of its ancestral home.

One of my favorites…

Rob D'Amico story for the Austin Chronicle on the Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle Thief
Police say James Clayton befriended
– then ripped off – many Austin bicyclists

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