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Presidio Podcast

Check out my latest work–Presidio–A podcast looking back at the case of Marfa Sheriff Rick Thompson and Robert Chambers, who smuggled a ton of cocaine across the border in 1991. … (read more…)

Regarding the Facebook Group: Stripes Report Marfa: The most accurate and up to date reports on anything Stripes in Marfa.

So it began as an inside joke, for sure–a Facebook group started by a band of small-town folks to keep tabs on(read more…)

Ruminating about el poncho. Why do I wear a poncho? Certainly to get attention. But that’s down around 14 on the list. Take my one of my memories:

Though sweltering in a noon sun, I lay huddled under my poncho on the wooden bench outside the Mexican train station, while a squadron of black flies swirled erratically outside and test landed across my rough cotton cover with their filthy, offal-ridden feet. … (read more…)


Now is when the squirrels splay over center lines, their innards bubbling into their incisors.

When the din of dogs ricochets off alley walls, but no heed is … (read more…)

Wading back into travel writing again. And my recent trip with my daughter–Piper–to Mexico provided a perfect opportunity to address the idea of “split vacations” for the Matador Network.

Here’s a few photos from our trip that weren’t included!

(read more…)

Austin Monthly Trails Cover

Had a blast revisiting many of the trails I’ve traipsed and ridden over the years to put together a big piece for Austin Monthly. (Although I wasn’t psyched about only getting 75 words a trail!) Also got to meet and profile a top-ranked racer (Tristan Uhl) and visit with the manager of Mellow Johnny’s for yet another look on how to buy a bike. I think I’ve … (read more…)

treehouseyahWhen I was a child—oh about second grade through sixth grade—I spent most of my free time in the tree tops in a little copse in a field behind my house in Richardson, Texas. On blistery … (read more…)

July 16, 2014
Austin Chronicle

It was a chaotic time of life for us as my wife and I traded off on time spent caring for our first child and trying to work on our businesses. So as yet another hectic summer day dawned in 2002, a knock on the door sent my wife, Rebecca, scrambling to scoop up the 9-month-old … (read more…)